Uschi Usten has gone

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Uschi (uschiwho) Husten has left us on Friday 31th of August 2012. She was born in Germany but left Germany in 50ties because her husband worked all over the world as geophysical expert for mining companies. She was in Africa, Middle East, Indonesia. In 60ties she and whole her family took place in Australia, Perth, and stayed there until her husband retired in 80ties to move last time again. Her new place has been Switzerland.

Her bridge life began in Australia where she once or twice represented the Country. She represented Switzerland in European Championship in Turku.

Last year sick as she was she has been Switzerland’s senior master together with me.

She was very correct and hard all her life.


Marek Drukier, her partner.


September 2, 2012

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One thought on “Uschi Usten has gone

  1. Enrico Paolo Garrisi on said:

    I knew Uschi since several years. I was playing once at her table in BBO; her partner said (wrote) something of unpleasant, I replied with even more roughness; she poured oil on trouble waters. I don’t remember which question it was, sure a trivial one – that is of the kindred that often surges the worst tussles up – but her kind words to both me and her partner made impossible the squabble to go on. So she behaved toward others. All love to be surrounded by peace and harmony, but only few actually work to obtain it: Uschi was one of those few. We have lost not only a dear person, but also the friendship of many others, that, today disliked or uninteresting, could had become dear by her magic.
    Enrico Paolo Garrisi

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