USA Women Trials 2011: 1st day Round Robin

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USA Women Trials 2011: 1stday Round Robin. This is our second article on the event; in the first one we presented the Teams and explained the format (read here >>). After the first day of Round Robin matches, i.e. after that all teams played each other once (of twice), the score is as follows:


Moss 99,64

Sprung 82,21

Joel 72,02

Bales 65,77

Westheimer 64,59

Dinkin 64,58

Mancuso 61,09

Lewis 46,10


With this score, Moss, Sprung, Joel, and Bales would be the four semifinalists, but still they are at midway: there is time for all.

The matches are in USBF 20-0 scale with decimals, so the average of the leading team, Moss, is high: in 25-0 scale it would be 17,5. The 20-0 scale is more correct of the World Bridge Federation 25-0 because the increasing of VPs is continuously proportional to the increasing of IMPs, whereas in 25-0 scale there are discrete steps. About this question, see the article of Bart Bramley in The Bridge World of May 2010 – we quoted it in this article: read here >>


Still they are at midway, we said, but it already needs to note the performance of Bales – which seeding point position was the last – and the bad (or unlucky?) position of Dinkin and Westheimer, two of the three favourites; the third is Joel. In the photo the sweet smile of Jill Meyers and the sternness of Eric Kokish, her captain, look as drawn up by Charles Dickens.



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