ubid Bridge: The Bridge App to practice and improve your Bidding

ubid bannerWe are excited to announce that uBid has undergone big changes and is available in a highly improved and new version called uBid 2.0 on the App Store and on Google Play as of today

A special gift for you: Free trial of uBid Premium

To celebrate the launch of uBid 2.0 we would like to offer you free access to all our plans (Classic, Plus and Premium) and best features till 15 February 2017. Your free trial period will end automatically with absolutely no strings attached.

Get your free uBid 2.0 today!

Available on the App Store »

Get it on Google play »

For an overview of the latest features, a demo video and a list of frequently asked questions visit the new uBid website.

Looking forward to hearing your reaction on this highly improved and new uBid version.

Helmer Wieringa
Product Manager NewInBridge

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