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Trials to select US team for the 2012 World Bridge Games in Lille

Posted on 03 May 2012

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Trials to select US team for the 2012 World Bridge Games in Lille (Aug. 9-23, 2012, in Lille, France). Venue: Woodfield Hyatt in Schaumburg, IL. The first upsets already happened in the Round Robin stage, played on 27 and 29 of April: between the four excluded teams there are Gordon, with Alain Sontag – David Berkowitz, and Levine, with Peter Weichsel – Russell Eklebad. They weren’t between the favourites, but their exit has been quick indeed. The 15 team Round Robin has been won by Drew Becker and Howard Liu, Jeffrey Miller, William Wickham, Stephen McConnell, Phil Warden

The “round of 16”, on Sunday and Monday, was played by the eleven team qualified from the Round Robin plus Fleisher, so qualifying six teams to quarter finals. These have been the results (120 boards in eight segments each of 15 boards):


Fleisher-Weinstein 299-203 (Weinstein withdrew in the last segment)

Mahaffey-Robbins 220-91 (Robbins withdrew in the seventh segment)

Milner-Wolfson 284-221

Lee-Robinson 258-233

Jacobs-Becker 312-136. Becker, the Round Robin winner, withdrew in the seventh segment. Sic transit gloria mundi (so soon passes the glory of the world, by Tomaso da Kempis). Jacobs placed only fourth in RR.

Spector-Falk 256-58. Falk withdrew in the fifth segment, being the first at buffet.

The six winners have been joined by two long time knowledge guys, Nickell and Diamond, who in facts had the bye to round of 8. The results:

Nickell-Spector 248-213 (95-163 at midway, i.e. after four of eight segments)

Milner-Mahaffey 228-143 (99-90. Mahaffey withdrew at last segment).

Lee-Fleisher 282-218 (121-101)

Diamond-Jacobs 281-176 (137-112. Jacobs withdrew at last segment)

The semifinals will be Nickell-Milner and Diamond-Lee.

Results >>


May 3, 2012 

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