Transnational Open Team Champioship 2011: Angelini eliminated in quarterfinal

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Transnational Open Team Champioship 2011, Veldhoven (The Netherland). The battleship Angelini has been eliminated by American Team Gordon: 39-72. For this Transnational Camphionship Francesco Angelini hired Boye Brogeland and two of the strongest pairs in the world: Fantoni-Nunes and Meckstroth-Rodwell.

None of the other Italian teams has reached the knockout phase.

The Transnational Open Team Championship was inaugurated in 1997, and takes place in odd-numbered years in conjunction with the World Championship.

The competition is open to players of all categories who may form teams without nationality restrictions.

The latest two editions of the events were won by the Zimmermann team, that this year has not even reached the knockout phase.

In the semi-finals are still playing : Gordon vs Istrael Juniors and  Parimatch vs Oz Open.




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