There are great people in the Cavendish Invitational

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The 2012 Monaco Cavendish Pair and Team Invitational will take place from October 15th to 19th – 15-17th Teams; 17-19th pairs. There are great people, first and foremost the Italians: it looks likely that “…The fine Country there where the sì sounds…” (Dante Alighieri, Inf. XXXIII, 80), will give at least one winner, if not both. There are three Italian teams:  Angelini, Bonori and Lavazza.  It needs to highlight the Bonori Team of Bologna, little known abroad; it is a team who travels little but wins often. The players are Marisa Bonori, Gabriele Gavelli, Maurizio Pattacini, Matteo Montanari and Pier Paolo Bonori.

Among the pairs with Italians there are Zia-Madala (will Agustin succeed in slowing down the Zia Mahmood’s youthful exuberance?); Lauria-Garozzo, a partnership born when the former was a boy; Angelini-Versace; Duboin-Tokay  and Bocchi-Ferraro.

Back to the team, the first mention has to be for the French Women: Benedicte Cronier, Catherine D’Ovidio, Daniele Gaviard, Joanna Neve, Vanessa Reese, Sylvie Willard. This is the world strongest female team, and with the strongest player (Catherine).

The pair event register the names are those usually seen in the greatest events: Fantoni, Nunes, Zaleski, Kwiecen, Pszczola, De Bottom, Sabine Auken-Roy Welland (a new partnership), Amoils, Bessis, Moss, Drijver, Diamond, Platnick, Helgemo, Helness, Brogeland, and many others not less strong than the named ones.

There are great people in the Cavendish Invitational, and always there have been, since the first edition won by Jim Jacoby and Gerald Westheimer; Jim won two Bermuda Bowls, a glory that his great father Oswald missed in 1950 because he preferred to go to Korean War. Jim and Oswald Jacoby were the originators of the Jacoby Jump, one of the most popular today conventions.

It can certainly be said that no country is so strong to leave out a Cavendish winner from his national team.

About the time and place: the Cavendish was born in New York on 1975; the time of playing was the mother’s day week, then in May. In 1991 it emigrated to Las Vegas. Since this year it will alternate from Las Vegas, in odd years and in the traditional spring date, to Monaco, autumn, in the even years.

Several years ago I wrote a tale, “La Compagna” (not translated in English). The female protagonist of my tale had to win a very great tourney, and I chose the Cavendish, of course; my fiction, however, demanded that the event would take place in autumn, not in spring. So I changed the date, unwittingly becoming prophet of the shift.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

October 11, 2012

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