The USA team won 2012 Buffett Cup

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The USA team won 2012 Buffett Cup defeating the Euro team by 107 a 103 Buffett Points. The event took place from from September 10th to 13th  in Omaha, Nebraska, home of the man whose name adorns the cup itself, Warren Buffett. The winner team was composed of Bob Hamman-Justin Lall, Joe Grue-Curtis Cheek, Alan Sontag-David Berkowitz, Jill Levin-Jenni Wolpert, Joel Wooldridge-John Hurd, Fred Gitelman-Brad Moss and Donna Compton (not playing captain). The Euro team was composed of  Fulvio Fantoni- Claudio Nunes, Sally Brock- Nicola Smith, Michel Bessis-Thomas Bessis, Ricco van Prooijen-Luke Verhees, Kalin Karaivanov-Rumen Trendafilov, Paul Hackett-Tom Hanlon and Paul Porteous (not playing captain).

The Buffett Cup is a transatlantic challenge between twelve American players and twelve European ones. 

The first part of the story of unofficial transatlantic matches begins in 1930 with the match Culbertson-Buller, won by the former, and ends in Philadelphia, 1976, where the “Colonists” defeated the “Redcoats”. Those matches were all Anglo-American, but two exceptions: a Usa-French in early 1930 (then before the Culbertson-Buller), and another Usa-French in July 1937, when the American Squad rested some days in Paris before to go in Hungary for the World Championship won by the Paul Stern’s Austria Team.

The dawn of the nowadays part of this story was in Dublin, 2006, and the fathers were Paul Hackett with his Manchester Bridge Club, B. J. O’Brien and the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland, and an important sponsor: Warren Buffett.

It is the fourth time the Buffett Cup – the new transatlantic challenge-   was played. The overall score is 3 to 1 in favour of Team USA, who  won in 2010 and 2006 as well. Team Europe won in 2008.


September 14, 2012

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