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The “Standard BBO Italia” System by Mario Martinelli (2)

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Mario Martinelli is a Neapolitan excellent player and accredited bridge teacher. He is an expert about systems and he developed the system “Standard BBO Italia”. The last version of it (2012) can be browsed on Vincenzo delle Cave’s BBO Italia website. Mario is also the nephew of Eugenio Chiaradia, the creator of the Neapolitan Club, a system which our magazine is dedicated to. Neapolitan Club will publish a summary of the system developed by Martinelli both in Italian and in English. In todays’ article we publish the BBO Italia system in 13 bullet points.


 The BBO Italia system in 13 bullet points

1- Natural, five-card majors, short club

2- 2/1 game forcing with no exceptions in uncontested auctions (including 2♣ over 1♣), forcing for one round if opponents overcall with a suit bid

3- 2NT over 1M invitational with fit, both in uncontested and contested auctions

4- Weak jump shifts by responder; invitational if it is a 3-level jump in a lower-ranking suit than opener’s

5- 1NT opening 15-17, 3-response Stayman and 4 suits transfers (2♠=clubs, 2NT=diamonds)

6- 2NT opening 20-21, 3-response Stayman and major suit transfers

7- 2♣ opening forcing, 2 response waiting, others natural and positive

8- Weak 2-♠; 2NT response feature asking; new suits are forcing for one round and show good hand

9- All preemptive openings are natural, strength according to vulnerability

10- Mixed cue-bids, both first and second round controls

11- 4NT RKCB 0314 when a suit has been agreed or when partner jumped in a suit, otherwise standard Blackwood

12- 4NT quantitative (NF) in response to 1NT, 2NT or 3NT without a suit agreed

13- 4♣ Gerber (ace ask) in response to 1NT or 2NT; responses: 0-4, 1, 2, 3.


Standard BBO Italia by Mario Martinelli – English edition by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club

February 11, 2012

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