The 11th European Youth Pairs Championships are coming soon

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The 11th European Youth Pairs Championships will be held at the Vingsted Hotel, in Vejle, Denmark, on 1-6 July 2012. The event is organized by the European Bridge League in cooperation with the Danish Bridge Federation and comprises competitons for young players, up to 25 years old. The event includes four series: juniors, youngesters, girls and mixed pairs tournaments.

These are the participating Italian pairs: Massimiliano Di Franco-Gabriele Zanasi e Alessandro Gandoglia-Giuseppe Delle Cave (juniors); Giovanni Donati and Giacomo Percario (youngsters); Margherita Chavarria-Flavia Lanzuisi, Giorgia Botta-Michela Salvato, Federica Butto-Margherita Costa (girls); Margherita Chavarria-Gabriele Zanasi, Flavia Lanzuisi-Massimiliano Di Franco, Margherita Costa-Giovanni Donati, Federica Butto-Giacomo Percario, Giorgia Botta-Alessandro Gandoglia (mixed).

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June 27, 06, 2012

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