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The English Bridge Union wins the 2019’s Camrose Trophy

Camrose TrophyThe English Bridge Union wins also the second week-end and wins the trophy. The team of the second week-end: Chris Dixon (NPC), Ben Green, Ankush Khandelwal, Cameron Small, Jon Cooke, Peter Taylor, John Cox.

 Second placed, England: David Burn (NPC), Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, Graham Osborne, David Gold, Mike Bell.

Third, North Ireland: Ian Lindsay NPC, David Greenwood, Rex Anderson, Sam Hall, Hasting Campbell, Paul Tranmer, Wayne Somerville.

 Fourth, Wales: Tim Rees, John Salisbury, Julian Pottage, Tony Ratcliffe, Simon Richards, John Richards.

Fifth, Scotland: Alex Adamson, Derek Sanders, Danny Kane, Irwin Gordon, John Faben, Phil Morrison.

Sixth, Ireland: Gráinne Barton NPC, David Walsh, Enda Glynn, Tom Hanlon, John Carroll, Don MacAonghusa, Mark Moran.

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The Hand.

In the match Scotland – Wales of the second week-end there was a nice Declarer’s play by the Scottish John Faben. All vulnerable; dealer South. The hand:

South opens; E-W always pass:
1♣ – 1♠; 2NT – 3NT.
West led the 4.

The Declarer counts six tricks by heads and possibly two more in diamond; the ninth, after this lead, could come finessing something in hearth, or from some Opponents’ blunder in clubs. At the horizon, as in John Constable’s landscapes, it is looming a stormy switch to spade.

South plays the hearth ten from dummy, East plays the jack, won by the ace. Now, club to dummy’s ace, and double diamond finesse; West takes by jack and continues hearth by queen, unblocking, for partner’s two, and Declarer holds out! At this point West couldn’t have still counted the hand, because all the partner’s responses were forced, while the Declarer looks trying to block the opponents’ communication. Thus, he can’t but play hearth again, finessing partner’s 9-7 under Declarer’s A-8.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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