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2010’s Europeans – That magnificent half-dozen (by Gluck)

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Felicitaciones Agustin jugastes barbaro! Agustin at the start of a match becomes incredibly tense, he is determined to focus on the job in front of him, neither feeling the warmth of the home supporters or the brickbats from those who, unaccountably, feel the need to cheer for the other side.

 Board after board we saw him moving into ‘the zone’ divining the most difficult problems at the bridge table, and at the age of 23 displaying the prodigious talent worthy of a comparison with Versace or Helgemo. A star is born.

Norberto Bocchi.  Norberto showed a new side to his charactor, hitherto unseen. Knowing his partner posossed a fantastic talent he was shocked that there was some objections from various quarters regarding his inclusion into the national team. He took care to shepard his partner through the emotional minefield that this sort of controvosy might have impacted upon such a young competitior. He also managed to play quite well at the table, displaying the sort of technique that has kept him at the highest levels of the game close to two decades. He deserves both plaudits, that of a champion, and of an astute psychologist.

 Alfredo Versace. Alfredo, is the very epitome of a bridge player. Just look at the draw he commands when he is playing on vugraph, kibitzers will flock into the hall when he is playing no matter who they are supporting. This is just one of many prestigious trophies he has won, all this while going through a tumultious split from his main sponsor of many years.  He played with true class and displayed all the charatoristics of a real champion, he is Alfredo The Great.

 Lorenzo exemplifys the very nature of the game, a good partner, always calm, forever accurate, consistent in the most troubling times, he brings great experience to bear. At times his play was truely astonishing, the opponents must have felt they were the victim’s of some dark magic spell, to his supporters his decisions were guided by divine provedence.

 Antonio Sementa. Antonio has a vast talent and at times showed flashes of true genius, but it is fair to say that this was not his best tornament. He was nonetheless always a good member of the squad, always team orientated, but like me the fans yearn to see him play at the top of his game, and when he does there is no better seat in the house.

Giorgio Duboin. Giorgio has amply demonstrated that you do not win so many tournaments by accident. Accuracy is his defining characteristic, and he has shown that who ever he is playing with he is in that special catogary of player, a pillor of the Blue Team. Bridge has no greater acollade.


Translated by Mr. John Wilmott

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