Sylvia Moss goes to Veldhoven

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Sylvia Moss defeated JoAnn Sprung in the USA1 final, 221-175, and goes to Netherland. Undefeated in knockout stage, the winners are: Sylvia Moss, Capt; Judi Radin, Migry Zur Campanile, JoAnna Stansby.Geeske Joel defeated Valerie Westheimer in the USA2 semi-final; after thirty-two boards they trailed 22-77, then changed pace and won 170-164. Geeske shall challenge JoAnn Sprung for the second entry to Veldhoven.

With Valerie exits from Trials the second of three favourites – in round robin fell Irina Levitina’s Dinkin team – and only remains Joel, but need say that terms as “favourite” or “surprisingly” were meaningful only before the cards started to drop on table: whoever wins, now, they’re the strongest.


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