Surprise at 2012 Italian Club’s Team Championships: Angelini out of finals

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2012 Italian Club’s Team Championships –  Last weekend the sixth and last round of qualification has been played.  Surprise in the third group, the one that gathered teams from Center and South of Italy: the team of Francesco Angelini has been eliminated. Coming only third in their group, they now have to fight in the play-off in order to avoid the relegation in second category. Angelini lined up Federico Primavera, Leonardo Cima, Valerio Giubilo, Arrigo Franchi, together the pair Lauria-Versace, which had come back with their historic sponsor after the interlude with Zaleski.

The Group has been won by the Team Tennis Roma with Carlo Carpentieri (member of Neapolitan Club Staff), Mario Guarino, Roberto Lanciano, Massimiliano Porta, Francesco Natale, Guido Bonavoglia, Franco Masoero, Andrea Mazza, and Luciano Giacomini, the captain. The Tennis Roma has won both the matches against Angelini.

We have called Carlo Carpentieri to congratulate him, and his teammates of course, and to ask about the results.

Ciao Carlo. First of all, congratulation for the nice job. Can you tell us something about?

Frankly we did not expect this qualification, and already before the last round, as all the teams in our group were very strong. The most dreadful, of course, was right the Angelini team, against whom, instead, we got a surprisingly victory.

In facts the elimination of Angelini has been a surprise. How do you explain it?

We reckoned to be defeated by Angelini: we played very relaxed and without Pindaric flight, and it eventually paid. The team of Francesco lined up two undisputed champions as Lauria and Versace;, the others are all high caliber players but do not form pairs cohesive or well tested. All individually strong players, but only a sound pair. You have to remember that in the past the Angelini team has been a really formidable battleship, winning everything there were to win, but it was when they could count on at least two sound pairs, as when Lauria and Versace were flanked by the Fantunes. Perhaps only one pair, although we are speaking of two bridge geniuses, is not enough to Angelini to be so strong as in the past.


March 01, 2012

Laura Camponeschi

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