Spring 2011 NABC – Vanderbilt Cup: KO Teams Round of 32

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Spring 2011 NABC – Vanderbilt Cup: KO Teams Round of 32. The three teams that employ Italian players yesterday won (in red in the scoreboard). They are: Monaco Zimmerman (Fantoni-Nunes), +102 vs Charmichael. Jimmy Cayne, +16 vs Campos, a battle (Lauria-Versace and Sementa-Duboin). Jacobs (Bocchi-Ferraro), + 44 over Levine.

Other noticeable results are the win of Seymon Deutsch against Jim Mahaffey, and the win of Kang, with the Netherlander Jan Jasma, against Mark Gordon and David Berkowitz’s team.

John Diamond has defeated Paul and Linda Lewis, but again sweating: after 48 of 64 boards they still were -16.

A team full of Netherlanders is becoming interesting: Mary Ann Berg (Lair, Bertens, Bakkeren, Muller, DeWijs) has beaten Hansa Narasimhan. They today will face Carolyn Lynch with Passell, Dubinin, Gromov, Balicki, Zmudzinski.

2011 Vanderbilt KO Round of 32




  2011 Vanderbilt KO Round of 16: Today’s matches









Source: http://www.bridgewinners.com/

Thanks for the photo to Fernando Lema (Album by Catalina Robles):


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