Spring 2011 NABC – Vanderbilt Cup: Sunday afternoon in Louisville

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Vanderbilt Cup: final. On this Sunday afternoon, in Louisville, Fleisher and Grue since four hours have started the final match in 2011 Vanderbilt Cup; Grue is leading 69-45 at board 24 of 64. We’ll know the result when in Europe it will be tomorrow, in the night, but many important things have been already said. First, congratulations to Joe Grue team: winners or runners up, they have played a great tourney.

The John Diamond’s team has exited in R8, then they will play the Las Vegas trials, in May, starting from the quarters of final, a result they already reached before. Entering the final in Vanderbilt, they would have earned the right to be in semifinals.

The Martin Fleisher’s Team is the stronger team with all US players, that is all are eligible for the Bermuda Bowl. They already won the 2010 trials.

The Frank Nickell’s team, notwithstanding his giants Hamman, Zia, Rodwell, Meckstroth, did not enter the semifinals; and, that’s worse, Seymon Deutsch, the team that defeated them, didn’t even enter the final. In Las Vegas’ trials, Nickell will start from R16.

The teams with Italians were defeated in: Round of 64 (De Falco Olivieri in Patricia Cayne’s team), R32 (Fantoni Nunes, Zimmmermann), R16 (Bocchi Ferraro, Jacobs), quarters (Lauria Versace and Duboin Sementa, Jimmy Cayne).

Projecting all these results in Eindhoven Bermuda Bowl, in October – just talking of Americans and Italians, no counting China, Russia, Netherlands, and others that are eager to be counted – we can forecast Fleisher as winner, and Italy in the same step of Nickell or Diamond (the one of them that will win the trial). This is what looks now, seven months before the event. It must be added to this picture that Norberto Bocchi didn’t play with his natural partner, Agustin Madala, and it must be added too that Duboin and Sementa are a new pair, still improving.

 Final (24 of 64) Score after 2 segments

Joe Grue 69 Martin Fleisher 45

(Joe Grue, New York NY; Leslie Amoils, Toronto ON; Ishmael Delmonte, New South Wales Australia; Curtis Cheek, Las Vegas NV; David Bakhshi, London England)

(Martin Fleisher, New York NY; Michael Kamil, Holmdel NJ; Chip Martel, Davis CA; Lew Stansby, Dublin CA; Robert Levin, Henderson NV; Steve Weinstein, Andes NY)


 Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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