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Souvenir from Lille: Giorgio Duboin’s double squeeze

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In a video interview with Jan van Cleeff for, Giorgio Duboin explained a hand played in Lille (14th World Bridge Games) during the quarter-final against Poland played on August 17, 2012.  We offer here the transcription in Italian and English, both edited by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club. Giorgio explains why he opted for a double squeeze to bring home 7NT.


First of all I will explain the bidding at the table, it was exciting but probably not the best one.

2NT shows 20-21 balanced. 4D shows slam interest with long spade suit. 4H agrees spades with some slam interest as well. 5C is a cue bid with maximum hand, clear slam interest. 5D is a cue bid. 5NT was the problem of the hand, I understand it as showing the king of diamonds, instead it meant to show one extra spade trick, some values, without outside kings. 6C is a cue bid, just in case. 7H is transfer to spades. Because I was thinking about the king of diamonds, I was counting 13 tricks, so instead of bidding 7 Spades which was an easy contract, I bid 7NT.

The opening lead was a big gift for me, the 6 or 7 of hearts, I play the queen from dummy, small, small. I have 12 top tricks and I have to decide between finessing in diamonds or playing a double squeeze. The reason why I went for the double squeeze are:

1. In 7 Spades it is normal to play AK of clubs pitching a diamond, then ace of diamond, ruff a diamond, so you win with either heart finesse or doubleton king of diamonds. If in the other room they reach 7S they would play this way.

2. The diamond position is AQJT opposite 98, the 9 of diamonds in dummy looks like a miracle card to play the double squeeze, without it you have no other chance apart from finessing. I thought: there is a reason why the 9 of diamonds is in dummy.

3. I know the position of the king of hearts, because of the opening lead, so I play for split red kings.

The happy ending was a spectacular board and 13IMPs, but I paid today because we still lost the quarter-final by 1 or 2 points so life is life!

Giorgio Duboin


August 27, 2012

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