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Souvenir from Lille (2) Alfredo Versace’s line of play

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In a video interview with Jan van Cleeff for, Giorgio Duboin explained a hand played in Lille (14th World Bridge Games) during Round Robin against South Africa played on August 14, 2012.  We offer here the transcription in Italian and English, both edited by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club. Alfredo  explains  how and why he opted for his line of play. He realized 4Spades Doubled.



Now I explain my play in 4 Spades doubled.

The bidding went:
– – Pass – (1D)
1S – (2H) [forcing] – 3S [preemptive] – (4H)
4S – (pass) [forcing] – pass – (X)
all pass

The opening lead was the king of hearts, and north switched to the 10 of hearts to the ace and I ruff. So I decided to start playing clubs because I have to guess two cards, the king of spades and the queen of diamonds. I decided it was not so dangerous to play clubs, because I know hearts are probably 6-4, and it is impossible that north has 6 hearts and five clubs, so I am not risking any ruffs. I play a club, north won with the Jack then switched to the 7 of spades.

The first guess was to play the ace. After passing, south with 4 trumps and a singleton spade would probably bid 5H, I imagined he had king doubleton of spades, but if he has singleton spade it must be the king, so I play the ace and the king dropped. Then I play the second club, south won the king and switched to a diamond, I win the ace, reach dummy with the queen of spades, ruff the third club.

In this moment I know the distribution of north: I saw 6 hearts, 2 spades, 3 clubs, and he cannot be 2614. With this shape he would have led his singleton diamond, after 1D opening from partner. So I was pretty sure that queen of diamonds was in north, because south already showed king of spades, ace of hearts, ace-king of clubs, and he raised to four hearts and then doubled.

 I know it is hard to play the short hand to have the queen of diamonds, because the percentage is against you, but in this position I know that south showed 14 points, he could have opened 1NT but more likely he could have bid 5H.

Alfredo Versace


August 28, 2012


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