Roma Bridge Eur School wins Riolo Trophy 2011

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The “Vincenzo Riolo” trophy (Cup) is assigned to the bridge club that is best ranked in the beginners championships. It was established in 2010 to commemorate Enzo Riolo, who died July 31 of that year. European champion in 1977,  Riolo spent much of his life teaching bridge.  The inaugural edition was won by “Civibridge” in Rimini. This year the prestigious trophy goes to Bridge Eur (Rome). The school bridge director is the master Mario Guarino and Neapolitan Club has interviewed him.

Mario Guarino, will you tells us something about this trophy?

This was the second edition of the Riolo Trophy, reserved to the Italian school which obtains the best results in November Beginners Championships. I have been directing the Bridge Eur school since only two years: achieving this award is really a great satisfaction for all of us. Our group consists of young, youngster and old students: They get along well. The most exciting thing is to see the harmony among the teammates, all support each other. This experience has been great and very fun for all of us. There are no words to say how much joy there is at our club now for this prestigious trophy.

Among the many students of this fantastic group, there is someone who deserves a special mention?

All have contributed to the victory, but a special tribute goes to the pair Gulotta – Di Giovanni: They won silver medal in pairs event and bronze medal in team event with the pair Catena – Sacco. And i want to thank those who have won the “wood medal” finishing at  fouth place. Many our pairs had some bad luck stopping in fourth place but we all are truly happy.

Will you speak about the Bridge Eur school?

Our school is in contrast with the whole trend of the Italian bridge: we currently have as many as 140 students! And I really can not repeat how much I’m happy with my school. Maybe my bridge partner, Carlo Carpentieri, is less happy than me because the school absorbs me so that I can not play with him as often as I want. Fortunately Carlo is a sensitive person.

How long have you been partnering with Carlo Carpentieri?

We have been playing together for 11 years: We started our partnership with a brilliant performance at the European Championship in Sorrento (2001). And since then we never had a quarrel and still have fun playing together. I think Carlo is the best partner you can find.

Which is Carpentieri’s role at club Bridge Eur?

Carlo was the director of our club for many years. Today he is the “supervisor” of all the activities of the club. Many students play with him when I’m not available. Carlo has always been close to the students and very helpful with them.

At your club there is another great champion, Emanuela Capriata…

Oh, yes! Emanuela is a plurititled champion and now she is the coach of Italian Girls Team. Let’s say that the entire Bridge Eur has a focus on the youth and especially works with great passion. And I think our students perceive the very great depth of passion in our work.


November 10, 2011

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