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Press Release: “Fisher and Schwartz disprove allegations”

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Lotan Fisher and Ron SchwartzToday Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz have issued the following Press Release:

Bridge champions Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz disprove every single allegation made against them.

Following the submission of a 400 page document to the IBF, which examined every single game, board and suit, Fisher and Schwartz stated: “It is clear to us that the authors of the “board documents” have bent the truth and facts to fit their predetermined conclusion. A great part of the accusations lack any bridge logic, some are self-contradictive and by large – should be shredded immediately by any serious bridge player who would examine them carefully”

 Other than suing Boye Brogeland for financial damages, S&F will also demand that he and every other participant in the malicious lynch against them will be banned from competitive Bridge.

 Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz have presented the IBF special ethics committee with a 400 pages rebuttal document, which disproves every single one of the false accusations against them.

It is important to indicate that only a fraction of the “wave” of slander has actually turned into actual accusations by Bridge federations.

Both Fisher and Schwartz have successfully passed a polygraph test, which was taken as an initial step by them.

Following that, they built a professional and legal team led by Adv. Dror Arad Ayalon – former head of the ethics committee of the Israeli bar association. Since then, for the past four months, both Fisher and Schwartz went through hundreds of Bridge games, in which they have played. They have analyzed every video, board and move, and formulated a 400 pages report which CATEGORICALLY disproves every single accusation against them.

Since the full report was submitted to the IBF special committee, it can’t yet be disclosed to the general public – however, its summary is nothings short than amazing and find 0 (ZERO) unexplained boards and shows that there is no “system”, no “code” and NO cheating.

Following the completion of their rebuttal – Fisher and Schwartz will not only sue Boye Brogeland for financial damages and for slander, they also will call upon every Bridge federation to have Boye and Co. held accountable for their actions and BAN them from the professional Bridge world. “Boye and his posse have terrorized the bridge world and acted as judges, Juries and executioners – they must and will pay the price for their actions – both financially and professionally”.

F&S: “We believe that this Kafka’ik situation was solely motivated by the intention to eliminate us as potential Bridge rivals. In addition, the perpetrators of this lynch will also benefit from it financially. We will play competitive bridge again and then we plan to use every legal mean to make sure we will be rightfully compensated for any financial loss that was unjustly inflicted upon us”.

Mr Avital Sahar

Media Advisor to Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz


 Here you will find a graphic summary of the F&S rebuttal document

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