Orange Bridge Players run Marathon

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Saturday, the 21th of October, five bridge master class players participated in the Amsterdam Marathon. They are: Jeroen Top, Meike Wortel, Vincent Kroes, Onno Eskes and Joris van Lankveld. Meike Wortel is winner of  2012 Lille Transnationl Mixed Teams with the Reese  Milner’s squad  and Joris van Lankveld won the World Youth Teams Championships at Taicang (China) last summer.

This was the 37th edition of Amsterdam Marathon and the event had three distances: Marathon (restricted to 15,000 athletes), Half Marathon (restricted to 15,000 athletes), 8 km (restricted to 5,000 athletes). Orange bridge players run the Half Marathon with a time of just under two hours.

Source IMP

Picture by  Elisabeth van Ettinger


October 23, 2012

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