One million Euros for Dutch and Italian young bridge players

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Bridge club owner and former antique market tycoon Hans Becker may not be as rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, still he has committed himself to invest one million Euros of his own money in Youth Bridge. When Hans Becker has set his mind to something, he is prepared to put in a lot of effort. And a lot of money too.

As a matter of fact, he goes to extremes. Initially he promised to present this huge sum of money to the pair (Dutch or Italian) that would win a world title in bridge playing the so-called Looier system. 

Like so many other bridge aficionados Becker designed his own system “Looier”, named after the Looier Antique market in Amsterdam he once owned. So far Becker has not found the pair that could fulfil his dream.

For decades Becker (69) has tried to popularize his Looier system. These days he seems to have found a new way. By submitting a prize of ten thousand Euros for the most gifted junior player he attracted about 60 young bridge students to learn the Looier system. At the same time Hans Becker hired television time in order to broadcast a soap series about the (bridge) life of his students. 

 Don’t be mistaken, the one million Euro deal is still on.

More info on official website of Bridge Club Looier >>



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