Nickell hired Levin and Weinstein

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As reported by,   Nick Nickell hired Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein. Beginning with the 2012 Spingold, Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein will be joining the Nickell team. The complete roster of the team will be: Nickell- Katz, Meckstroth- Rodwell and Levin-Weinstein.

It seems therefore  that Levin- Weinstein will replace the famous pair Zia – Hamman.

The Nick  Nickell team has many National and World titles, including the 2009 Bermuda Bowl, but In the latest US trials Nickell (with Kats,  Meckstroth-Rodwell, Hamman-Zia)  was eliminated by Bathurst (with Zagorin, Grue-Lall and Wooldridge-Hurd).


 source: bridgewinners. com



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