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News from Bali 2013

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Flag IndiaIndia launches the Goa’s candidacy to host the next World Bridge Teams Championships. Representatives of Goa, India, made a presentation to the WBF Executive Council on Sunday, 22th of Settember, hoping to attract the 42th World Bridge Teams Championships in 2015. A WBF delegation will visit the proposed site next year to determine whether WBF requirements can be met.



Gianarrigo RonaGianarrigo Rona from Italy was re-elected to a second four-year term on Tuesday, 19th of Sebptember, 2013. The election took place at the first meeting of the WBF Executive Council in Bali. The rule is that the president has to be elected one year before the previous term ends, so Mr Rona , who took over as World Bridge Federation president at the end of 2010, will be president through the end of 2018. In a video-interview realized by Jan van Cleeff for NewInBridge, Mr. Rona said: “I am very happy and proud to have been elected again for the second term by the Committee of the WBF. I am proud because it means that the board appreciate what we all together in these first three years and because in these three years we have achieved all the results that we planned to achieve”. And for the future Mr Rona has a dream: ” To compete for the Olympic medals”.


WBFThe World Bridge Federation announced that Lyon, France, has been selected to host the World Bridge Teams Championships in 2017. The tournament will include the usual championships – Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, d’Orsi Seniors Trophy and World Transnational Open Teams – and the Lyon organizing team proposes that the schedule should include side games for club players, Junior/Girls/Youngsters competitions and schools players (9 to 16 years old).


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