Montegrotto 2013: Final Day

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Nunes - MultonMontegrotto 2013 Final Day – International Team Tourney. Ward Platt is the lead squad of the 18 team final group, by 184; behind them are pursuing Lavazza (181) and Pauncz (177).

It needs to say something on format, which isn’t the same of the past years. All the teams have started on Friday afternoon gathered in the same group, whereas in the past there were 10-12 little qualifying groups. After this first selection – done by one Swiss and one Danese – have been formed the Group A, by 18 teams, who are fighting for the victory; the Group B, and five C groups. Therefore the final format is as in the past, all the team today will play four rounds in their group, just it has been changed – it’s better, we think – the way to get it.

Ward Platt, the leader, lines up Ward Platt, Fantoni, Nunes, Multon. Lavazza is playing with a pair (Duboin, Sementa) and a threesome (Maria Teresa Lavazza, Bocchi, Ferraro). Pauncz plays with Fossi, Mariani, Buratti.

Giorgio Duboin


Norberto Bocchi

Massimo Ortensi

Franco Cedolin

Full Team Roster:

montegrotto 2013 squadre



Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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