Monaco Bridge Federation: Monaco withdraws from 2015 Bermuda Bowl

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Jean-Charles AllavenaThe Monaco Bridge Federation has just released the following statement:

Monaco has decided to withdraw from the Bermuda Bowl 2015 in order to preserve the interests of bridge and so that the event may be played with the greatest serenity.

We’ve informed WBF President Gianarrigo Rona, EBL President Yves Aubry and the Danish Federation (to which we wish the best results in Chennai) of our decision.

Jean-Charles Allavena

Fed Bridge Monaco



WBFThe World Bridge Federation (WBF) has just posted the following statement:

Monaco has withdrawn from the Bermuda Bowl and we are pleased to announce that Denmark has accepted the invitation to participate in their stead. We look forward to welcoming them to Chennai with all the other teams.

The Danish Team will be: Martin Schaltz – Soren Christiansen, Jonas Houmoller – Lauge Schäffer, Kasper Konow – Michael Askgaard.



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