Minù passed away

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Minù passed away. Minù was Rosa Tamburelli, of Turin. I noticed her in BBO some twelve years ago; she looked skilled to me (then I didn’t know that she played with world champions), and I signed her as “friend” to not lose sight of her, and I invited her to play in my casual team matches; she made me looking smart with champions.

In 2007 I invited her to enter my team, Ascoli Piceno, in BBO Intercity League, and she at once led us to victory. It was strong her partner as well, she was Debora Campagnano; Debora is ingenious, later she also became World Champion in French Team, but the temper of my team in 2007 had made by her, Minù.


I rarely met her in person, I play little in the real world. Las time was on 25th February in Rome, it was for the President’s election.


– Minù, I must talk to you – I said.

– Me too – she replied – I have to tell you some things…


But she fled away, most busy, called by somebody or some other; many wanted her. I eventually succeed to take a picture with her teammates, the ladies of the recent victory in the mixed teams; whilst taking the picture, i dreamed her in another picture, or maybe right with the same ladies, in an article which started so: “Italy won the Venice Cup. Minù… “


Minù actually never entered the female national team. She played in many other teams even stronger, but she lacked the one which, maybe, she had most dreamed, and in which, maybe, she could have given more than in all others.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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