Memphis 2012 – Vanderbilt Cup – Round of 32: The rout of Nickell

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The Argentine-Spanish-Swedish team of Juan Carlos Ventin defeated Nickell. The winners are: Juan Carlos Ventin, Juan Pont, Javier Graupera, Alejandro Bianchedi, Ernesto Muzzio, Frederic Wrang. The result is large: 176-107, almost all ripen in the last sixteen board segment (70-18). In the Nickell’s team – it has to be underlined – were champions like Zia, Katz, Meckstroth, Rodwell, Hamman. The winners are sure more than strong, but the reader cannot forget that Nickell also failed to qualify to the last year’s Bermuda Bowl.

All the three teams who employ the Italians go on, all by wide margin: Jacobs (Bocchi-Madala), 116-87 against Lall; Cayne (Lauria, Versace, Sementa, Duboin), 185-113 against Glubok; Monaco (Fantoni-Nunes), 151-48 against Barret.

Bertheau defeaten Kranyak: the match we suggested to follow. Still endures the run of Consus Red: after Mahaffey, the all Polish Team eliminated the Robinson and Woolsey’s Gaylor Kasle team.

Geeske Joel didn’t get cross the pass of Carolyn Lynch, but she climbed only short of four IMPs (119-123).

In the round of 16, today, the most tie match is Monaco-Bertheau. The job of the other “Italian” teams, Cayne vs Amoils and Jacobs vs Levine, looks less difficult (but the “easy-to-beat” teams are extinct by now in this Vanderbilt).

Another very interesting match is the one between Diamond (Diamond, Platnick, Moss, Gitelman, Hampson, Greco), against the American-German-Russian team od Ludewig (npc): Piekarek, Smirnov, Welland, Bart Bramley, Sabine Auken, Daniela von Arnim.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

March 22, 2012


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