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Memories of 1958 Bermuda Bowl: Argentina Italy and Usa in Como

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Memories of 1958 Bermuda Bowl: Argentina, Italy and Usa in Como. Our friends Ana Roth and Fernando Lema published on their e-magazine this article devoted to  first time of Argentina in Bermuda Bowl. Ana and Fernando’s article is accompanied by exclusive photograpfhic documentation.


Argentina, 1958: Alberto Blousson, Carlos Cabanne, Alejandro Castro, Marcelo Lerner, Ricardo Calvente.

 In 1956 the Confederación Sudamericana de Bridge had been invited to enter the World Championship, i.e. the Bermuda Bowl, that had to be played in Como in February 1958. Until that moment, the event was matter between the winners of Usa and Europe championships.

The 1958 was the first year in which there was a team representing the South America, the new established Zone 3, and also it has been the last year with only three teams: in 1959 the teams were four, one from each zone and the title holder of the preceding year. (1)

  In 1957 was played the South American Bridge Championship in Santiago de Chile, with the participation of the four members: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay. The winner, Argentina, obtained the right to play in 1958 Bermuda Bowl. Before the World Cup, the Argentine team was invited by the Swiss Federation to play a triangular in the town of Saint Moritz. Among the Swiss Team played the future president of WBF, Jaime Ortiz Patiño.

Dr. Marcelo Lerner, member of that team and Argentine teachers’ doyen, has brought us two priceless memories of that time: one is the program of St. Moritz Tourney, and the other is the invitation to the Goodbye Dinner of the 1958 World Cup, signed by the participants of the event:

Italia: Carl’Alberto Perroux (npc), Giorgio Belladonna, Walter Avarelli, Pietro Forquet, Guglielmo Siniscalco, Eugenio Chiaradia, Massimo D’Alelio.

Usa: Joseph G. Ripstra (npc), B. Jay Becker, John R. Crawford, Sidney Silodor, George Rapee, Alvin Roth, Tobias Stone

Marcelo recalls that the North America’s pair Alvin Roth – Tobias Stone employed for the first time the Five Card Major System. Thank you, Marcelo. (2)


1. The Zones are eight, today; in order, and with the number of eligible countries, they are: Europe(6), North America(3), South America(2), Asia(2), Central America(1), Pacific Asia(3), South Pacific(2), Africa(2).

2. Alvin Roth, in fact, published his System in 1953, but none played it before in Bermuda Bowl. Another technical novelty in that event was the “Roth-Stone Double”, today called Sputnik Double, invented ten months before by the same Alvin Roth. The Italian npc, Carl’Alberto Perroux, reported in his book a comment of Marcelo Lerner on Neapolitan Club system: it liked him very much, he said, because the system almost always allowed to play in the best contract.


Translation and notes by Paolo E. Garrisi


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