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Maria Teresa Lavazza is going to leave the National Italian Team. At the end of the impending European Championship, she’ll leave her position of Technical Commissary; no one result in Dublin could change this decision: “Regardless of the result, I will resign…”. For nearly two decades, from 1957 to 1975, the Blue Team has dominated the world, winning thirteen of the fifteen Bermuda Bowl and three of four Olympics. In the late sixties a Texan magnate, Ira Corn, had created a team: the Aces of Dallas, but it was not until 1976 that the Americans prevailed against the Italians. The Italian team didn’t win many years longer, but at least remained competitive until 1983, then disappeared from the world stage. They returned to be the protagonist only in the first half of the 90s; in 2005, finally after thirty years, they got again the Bermuda Bowl…

… Thanks mainly to Maria Teresa, a sponsor as Ira Corn, but also a guide: in the history of Bridge, her name can be written without qualms alongside the one of Carl’Alberto Perroux, the Blue Team’s guide in the golden age.

She now leaves the battlefield. She want come back to play, says: admittedly, it’s a good reason to do it; the warrior has the right to go where the fight is more frenzy. But she also adds that feels no longer able to give the team the will to win any more: that’s well and good, but is there in Italy another one able to do it?


 May 30, 2012

 This is Maria Teresa Lavazza’s statement as published today at official website of Italian Bridge Federation:

With this letter I thank all those who supported me in the past 13 years as Captain of the Italian Open Team.

I also thank those who criticised me and stood in my way: disappointments apart, they encouraged me to do better and better.

I especially thank my boys, the Champions who made me so happy and made Italian bridge so successful, affirming and confirming that Italy is one of the best teams in the world.

Thanks to Massimo Ortensi, excellent collaborator, who shared joy and anxiety with me.

Dublin 2012 will be my last championship as selector of the Open team. Regardless of the result, I will resign.

Sadly I do not feel able to give the team the will to win any more, I am not firm in my resolutions, I lost the self-sacrifice spirit, the will to impose discipline. These things, together with skills, are all necessary to win. Winning is the only thing that has always mattered to me. Taking part has never been my objective.

The Italian flag is the priority and I will always be the biggest fan of the Italian Team.

A different policy will now be pursued, and I think it is fair: I did my bit and now I want to start playing again. I think the selection will give everyone good chances.

I would like to ask you something: please warmly support us in these European Championships, abandoning all controversies. It is in the human nature to hope to go out with a bang.

With great love and sympathy,

Maria Teresa Lavazza

[english translation by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club]



May 30, 2012

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