Madala won the Brazilian Bridge Championship 2011

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Madala won the 58th Brazilian Bridge Championship 2011 – The Brazilian Bridge Championship was held this year in the city of Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 3 to 10 September 2011. Agustin Madala’s team has won the title. These are all the players in the winning team:  Agustin Madala, Diego Brenner, Eduardo Barcellos, Amilcar Magalhães, Mauricio Machado, João de Deus.

Second place: Gabriel Chagas, Marcelo Amaral, Alejandro and Ernesto Muzzio Bianchedi.

Third Place: Walter Fornasari, Marcelo Villegas, Ricardo Angeleri, Fabio Sampaio, Juan Rueda and Leonardo Rizzo.

In the photo: Madala’s team receives the Cup.

All the news on the Brazilian Championship 2011 by Fernando Lema on the South American Bridge  Confederation official website: click here >>


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