Lea Du Pont passed away

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The news that Lea passed saddens me deeply. I saw her for the first time in the year 1975, on the occasion of Brighton European Champioships: Benito and me went to get her at the London’s Heathrow Airport. It was the dawn of their love. Lea was a very elegant and attractive woman, gifted with great sweetness. They had come together well: she succeeded in conveying her calm to Benito, who during the championships was always tense and aggressive.

Lea loved very much Benito and the bridge, she was a great player, won the bronze medal with Monica Cuzzi at 1985 Salsomaggiore European Championships. With Benito, she won the gold at Oostend Mixed Teams Champioships, and the silver in Seniores World Pair championship. I send a very tight hug to my friend Benito, to whom I feel next in this moment of incommensurable grief.

Silvio Sbarigia

April 06, 2012

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