Laffineur won 2011/2012 French Team Championship

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French Team Championship: Division Nationale Open I (DNOI) –Again. Guy Laffineur (with Nicolas Roussel, Alain Levy, Christian Mari, Michel and Thomas Bessis) won 2011/2012 French Championship defeating in final Pierre Zimmermann (with Multon, Quantin, Bompis, Fantoni, Nunes). In the Saturday’s semifinal Zimmerman defeated Doussot and Laffineur defeated Payen. The final matches have been played yesterday and today. Guy Laffineur already conquered the title last year with the same line up, defeating in final Zimmermann’s team.

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Alain Levy, Thomas and Michel Bessis are in the staff of the new  “Bridge Academy by Michel Bessis,” .


January 30, 2012




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