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2010’s Italian Club’s Teams Championships: a short history of first day

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The Italian teams club Championships have came to the semifinals in Bologna. In the Open are playing Angelini vs Varese and Lavazza vs Villa Fabbriche (Arezzo); the Women are Catania vs Napoli Posillipo and Reggio Emilia vs Ancona La Vela.

 After two (of five), sixteen boards segment, Lavazza is leading 67-49 against Villa Fabbriche; Angelini is winning 63-42 against Varese. The latter result needs an explanation: Giancarlo Astore of Varese has fainted at the start and he’s now is in hospital; his state is not so bad as it appeared, but the teammates are upset and, being only five, they cannot alternate the pairs. (In the first segment, indeed, they have lost 8-44.)

 In the Women Championship, Catania and Reggio Emilia are leading respectively 77-24 and 62-34 against Napoli and Ancona. In Reggio Emilia’s Team we have a fine comeback: do you remember Simonetta Paoluzi? She had to leave the National Team in Ostend’s European Championship because an health problem: she’s now playing, and she’s winning too, as used. Welcome back, Simonetta.

 I’ts possible that Giancarlo Astore too could come back soon, already tomorrow, but we doubt his team could win as Simonetta’s is doing: the’re other opponents.

The Team Club championships has started in 2004, and are now the most important in Italy, the Open as the Women: the semifinalist have reached their goal after an harsh selection. Today, with such giants as the ones in Angelini and Lavazza’s teams – Bocchi, Brogeland, Duboin, Fantoni, Ferraro, Helgemo, Helness, Madala, Nunes, Sementa – all the world’s attention is engaged by what’s happening in Bologna.

by Laura Camponeschi and Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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