Italian Club’s Teams Championships: finals started!

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The Italian Club Team Championships finals started this afternoon in Bologna. Among the teams competing are Angelini (Roma), Varese, Allegra (Lavazza – Turin) and Villa Fabbriche.

There is much curiosity to see the Roman team at work, where Giubilo Lauria and Versace triad was replaced (officially only for this competition and the Champions League) by the Norwegian players HelgemoHelness and Brogeland.

We followed the first meeting: Varese vs Angelini-Rome. The three Norwegians do not require introduction, but the diamond is certainly Geir Helgemo, whose talent has shone since he was a junior.

The first 16 hands unfolded without any major upheavals, the greater accuracy in the bidding of the Norwegians (opposed to Tosi and Pantusa) brought in more points in to the Roman coffers than the greater aggressiveness of Garbosi and Bardin, deployed at the table of Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes.

Then, there is a swing at board 10 when Nunes made 4 spades due to a defensive error that Helgemo and Helness did not get wrong. And shortly after the Scandinavians bid and made 4S, while in the other room Fantunes was allowed to play 4H, 1 down.

With only 3 boards left to play the 45-8 was a true reflection of the result. This was later adjusted to 44-8.

As expected the Norwegians have made a strong impression, and are considered one of the strongest pairs in the world. Naturally, Claudio and Fulvio turned in fine performances.

The score in the other match was58-24 for Allegra (Lavazza) on Villa Fabbriche.

See You Later.


For the team Varese, pairs planned for the first match were Garbosi /Astore and Bardin/ Uggeri. Unfortunately Giancarlo Astore was struck by an illness and hospitalized pending further tests. So the third pair, Tosi/Pantusa played, the match started about half an hour late. All the staff at the Neapolitan Club wish a speedy recovery for Giancarlo Astore.


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