International Teams Tourney Città di Milano 2011 – First day

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International Teams Tourney Città di Milano 2011 – First day. The Città di Milano started with 94 teams, not many: the great champions don’t lack, but the number of little teams fell off. This is probably due to the hard times the world is living; another sign of the economic crisis is the fact that many teams, moreover the little ones, are of only four players, for three day event.

The teams were parted in twelve groups, each by eight teams and seven matches. The first four teams of each group went in “Serie A”, the fifth and sixth to “Serie B”, and the last ones to “Serie C”. All carry over the 50% of the points earned in the Groups Phase. Today still goes on the mechanism of ins and outs in the series.

In Group A stood out the name of Lavazza (Bocchi, Madala, Duboin, Sementa, Ferraro), but her 151 VPs (average 21,6) aren’t the record: better did the Austrian Fucik with 152 in Group E (Fucik, Terraneo, Purkarthofer, Lindermann). Behind Fucik there are the Italian Ladies (Rosetta, Vanuzzi, Paoluzi, Golin C, Olivieri, Torielli V). Third – we are still dwelling upon Group E, a true iron Group – third comes Vitas, with the young Polish champion Jacek Kalita and with Gawrys, Olansky, Vainikonis.

Back to Lavazza’s Group, the second place have been taken by Diana Team (Liran, Friedlander, Fisher, Padon, Schwarrtz, Dimiateva, Gerstner).

In Group B, France1 (Quantin, Bompis, Palau, Guillaumin, Toffier, Pilon) wins over Consul Kalisz (Zak, Zaremba, Kupnicici, Majdansk, Buras, Narkiewicz).

Patané (Patanè, Pattacini, Caiti, Lanzarotti, Manno, Zaffino) won in Group C over France2 (Rombaut, Lorenzini, Oursel, Duguet).

In Group D the winners are the Hungarian champions of Gamax (Winkler, Srilaggi, Lakatos, Homonnay); in second place there is another very strong team: Miroglio of Giulio Bongiovanni, our friend “Cecia” in BBO, with Apek Kowalski, Jacek Romanski, Roman Grzelak, and the great Fulvio Fantoni.

Winners of other groups are Uggeri in Group F (Uggeri, Cossu, Astore, Cerreto); Top One in Group G (Nardullo, Novo, Buratti, Comella); Ferrari in Group H (Ferrari, Boldrini, Di Franco, Delle Cave G.); the Turkish IFF in Group I (Copur, Falay, Ekengi, Gebeceli , Copur, Numandelu); Real Russia Semenov in Group J (Gladysh, Dubinin, Krasnoselskiy, Gromov, Gromova); Failla in Group K (Failla, Attanasio, Montanari, Franchi, Paparo); fourth in this group there is the team Coccon, with the great champion Arturo Franco.

Goraco won in Group L (Szenberg, Dufrat, Milaszewski, Nowosadzeki, Lasota); third placed up the Breno’s town team, that is of Romain Zalesky, with Lauria, Versace, Giubilo, Intonti, D’Avossa.

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Paolo Enrico Garrisi (December 10, 2011)


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