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International Teams Tourney Città di Milano 2011 – Lavazza repeats victory

Posted on 11 December 2011

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International Teams Tourney Città di Milano 2011. Lavazza team, winner of 2010 edition, wins again the Trophy “Città di Milano”: Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Guido Ferraro, Maria Teresa Lavazza, Agustin Madala e Antonio Sementa. Runner up is Jelmoni team and third comes Breno (Zaleski’s team).

 The Città di Milano International Teams Tourney is the most important in Italy and one of the majors in Europe because of the number and strength of participants; it’s held every year at the end of the week that contains December 7th, day of Saint Ambrose, archbishop of Milano in the fourth century a.C. and today patron of the city. Then the tourney this year on Friday 9th and ended on Sunday 11th. The venue was the NH Centro Congressi MilanoFiori.

In this edition there were 94 participating teams and, as usual, many strong champions, including Fulvio Fantoni in Miroglio Team (with Giulio Bongiovanni, Apek Kowalski, Jacek Romanski, Roman Grzelak); Alfredo Versace and Lorenzo Lauria in Romain Zaleski’s team (Breno) and the great Arturo Franco in Coccon Team.

Diary of the last day.  Lavazza leads with 193 in the final round at twelve teams, and there are still three matches. The others eleven teams are France1, with 174 VPs; Diana, 173; Miroglio, 172; Failla, 171; Frencke, 167 Ferrari, 167; Jelmoni, 167; Uggeri, 166; Breno bridge, 166; Wahlberg, 160; Coccon, 158.

First Match. France1 defeats Lavazza (18-12) in the first of the three remaining matches; Diana and Breno prevail (16-14) respectively against Miroglio and Failla, whereas Jelmoni crashes Frenken (22-8). Uggeri defeats Ferrari (17-13) and Coccon defeats Wahlberg 19-11.

 Lavazza 205

 France1 192

 Diana 189

 Jelmoni 189

 Miroglio 186

 Breno Bridge 185

 Failla 185

 Uggeri 183

 Ferrari 180

 Coccon 177

 Frencken 175

 Wahlberg 171

 Second Match. Jelmoni yields before Lavazza, but with all the honours: only 14-16. These are their names: Jelmoni, Leonardi, Chizzoli, De Giacomo, Marinoni, Marino.

France1 beats Diana (22-8) and now they are really a menace: they trail seven VP. Breno trounces Miroglio (23-7), so gaining the third place, but still fourteen VPs under the top; too far, as France1 and Lavazza will face each other in the last round. The other results: Failla-Uggeri 20-10; Ferrari-Coccon 21-9; Frenken-Wahlberg 16-14.

  Lavazza 221

 France1 214

 Breno Bridge 208

 Failla 205

 Jelmoni 203

 Ferrari 201

 Diana 197

 Uggeri 193

 Miroglio 193

 Frencken 191

 Wahlberg 186

 Coccon 185

Last Match, board seven: France1 is winning 16-14 (IMPs: 3-1), but calls the game in the wrong denomination: 3NT -3 instead of 5♣ made. Lavazza (Bocchi, Madala, Duboin, Sementa, Ferraro) wins the match (18-12 VPs, 12-3 IMPs) and the trophy Città di Milano. Runner up is Jelmoni; third come Zaleski’s team (Breno).

  Serie A – Final Standing

1 LAVAZZA (Lavazza M, Madala A, Duboin G, Sementa A, Ferraro G, Bocchi N)

2 JELMONI (Jelmoni G, Leonardi A, Chizzoli P, De Giacomi F, Marinoni P, Marino L)

3 BRENO (Zaleski R, Lauria L, Versace A, Giubilo V, Intonti R, D’avossa M)

4 FRANCE 1 (Quantin J, Bompis M, Palau J, Guillaumin P, Toffier P, Pilon D)

5 FAILLA (Failla G, Attanasio D, Montanari M, Franchi A, Paparo A)

6 DIANA (Liran I, Friedlander U, Fisher L, Padon D, Schwarrtz R, Dimiateva D, Gerstner G)

7 FRENCKEN (Frencken A, Dissard S, Van Den H, Jeanneteau Y)

8 WAHLBERG (Wahlberg J, Nilsson J, Rudenstal B, Stavas O)

9 FERRARI (Ferrari F, Boldrini A, Di Franco M, Delle Cave G)

10 MIROGLIO (Bongiovanni G, Fantoni F, Kowalski A, Romanski J, Grzelak R)

11 UGGERI (Uggeri P, Cossu R, Astore G, Cerreto R)

12 COCCON (Gioia G, Canepa A, Zucchini G, Cesati A, Franco A, Cambiaghi R)


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Laura Camponeschi e Paolo Garrisi (December 11, 2011)


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