InterCity League: Tonight the Final!

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The Italian town Ascoli Piceno and the Slovenian one Kočevje are the finalists of BBO Intercity League 2010, Autumn edition.. The two teams already met two months ago during the round robins, in this edition: Ascoli won 22-8, then they are favourites – also because they are the title holder and Kočevje plays his first final.

Ascoli Piceno will line up Berynger-K 51 bis (Costel Lung and Carlo Totaro), and Hpm404-Turbin (Fabio Colasante and Paolo Enrico Garrisi). The latter pair plays the Eugenio Chiaradia’s Neapolitan Club. For kibitz, enter the “ICL – Intercity League Final” team match or join the table of any player. The captains are Turbin and Jpavesk (Janez Pavsek).

The match starts at 21 CET (20 London Time) and is on two segments by fourteen deals.

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