Intercity League starts the Junior League – by Jantien

Are you interested in BBO team matches – where you can practise and get new friends – in an international league, dedicated to juniors? Then here is your chance: I plan to organize a BBO teams league for juniors under auspices of the BBO Inter City League (ICL). Here ‘junior’ is defined loosely as those under the age of 28.

 This league will be played as a round-robin followed by a knock-out competition. Play will be weekly, on a fixed weekday (Thursday) starting the 6th of January.

Starting time is between 20.00-20.15h CET and Dutch time (19.00 GMT; 21.00 Bulgarian). The number of playing days will depend on the number of teams, with the finale probably around end of February/early March.

The goal is to get a serious, yet friendly competition.

It will be a captains league, meaning: throughout the league each team is represented by a single captain (playing or non-playing). This captain will be the sole contact between the team and the organisation.

He/she is responsible that his/her team gets four players at the table (subs allowed) at play time.

In case a team can not make it on the planned playing day, the captain has to contact the opponents (and the organisation) ahead of the game.

The captains of both teams can arrange any alternative date, provided it is not later than six days after the original date, such that subsequent matches don’t get delayed.

During the round-robin each weekly match will consist of 16 boards, undo allowed, kibs allowed, but silent. Round-robin scoring is IMPs converted to the standard VP (15-15 .. 25-0) scores.

The knock-out matches each consist of 2 x 12 boards.

Captains interested can contact me on BBO where I am Jantien (or via my emailadress: [email protected] ).

Captains need to register their teams no later than 25th of December at [email protected] Registration means BBO nicks of captain + all players (+ age), email address of the captain and the name of the team. The name of the team should be a town or city that’s home to the majority of team members (Inter City League). After the registration I’ll sent the captain a confirmation.

All registered captains will receive an email by the 1st of January about the first playing day, January the 6th.

Teams registered so far:

MONTREAL Captain Christopher Chalcraft Nick Tacik

PRAGUE2 Captain Ine Gielkens

SOFIA GIRLS Captain Desislava Malakova

SOFIA Captain Deyan Spasov

PARIS Captain Jerome Rombaut

MUNICH Captain Paul Gruenke snoevit

NIKŠIĆ captain Vesna Dacić

BUCHAREST Captain: Vlad Grigorean

PORT ROYAL captain Milan Petrovic

The Dutch have promised to join with a team(s); and so did another Bulgarian and Latvian team, as well a team from India, Italy and Spain.



[email protected])

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  1. Hi.
    Will there be a link/site for results anywhere?
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