InterCity League Spring 2012 – Cardiff and Ascoli Piceno got the final

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Ascoli Piceno defeated Egedal in semifinal (+20), while Cardiff eliminated Nikšić: +70 in 24 boards. The Welsh, however, didn’t take apart the opponents as easily as it looks: after the first half the result were still +5. Nikšić is a young team thriving every year: they never reached the semifinals, before. Egedal confirmed to be a strong team; they always get the knock out stage; in the past edition they only lost in quarter final against Ascoli, the winners.

Cardiff is a team born from the splitting up of Wales United; against the unified team Ascoli played five times, winning three times (once in final) and losing twice (once in quarterfinal). Against Cardiff there are not records, but Cardiff prevailed over the cousins in semifinal, though only by 4 imp.

The match will take place on Wednesday May 30, at 20:45 CET (London +1: the usual InterCity League time). To watch, join Coch Draig or Turbin’s table, the captains.


May 29, 2012

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