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2011InterCity League: semifinals!

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Kočevje – Sarajevo +6. This was very tight match. After 20 hands result was +2 IMPs for Sarajevo. Then weak NT opening showed its strength and Kocevje was in 3NT (making) at one table and 3H (making +1) at the other. Next hand saw same contract (3NT) at both tables but with different player at lead. And that was beneficial for Kočevje. Leading +23 IMPs Kočevje only needed to bid one of last 2 hands grand slams! And they did just that. Winning by 6.

Ascoli Piceno – Čačak +51. First half there was blood on 2nd and 7th board. On 2nd players from Čačak took the right view and played in 3NT (3♣ by Ascoli in the other room), and on 7th they took the wrong view of making passive lead (and Ascoli’s declarer taking advantage from it). Going into 2nd half it was +6 IMPs for Čačak. But – that was it. 2nd half was all about Ascoli’s fine bidding and play. Which was witnessed by quite a crowd.


Best wishes to both teams playing in the final.

Tonci Radelja

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