InterCity League (ICL) 17th edition & World ICL (WICL) First edition

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InterCity League (ICL) 17th edition. World ICL (WICL) First edition. On 14th of March Tonci Radelja will start the 17th edition of BBO InterCity League; it will end in June. ICL is a Team event played on BBO twice a year by teams of European towns; the teams’ names have to be of a town, but the players are allowed from everywhere. The format is in two phases: qualifying round robin groups with one 16 board match per week, then a knock-out stage – quarter finals, semifinals, final – on 24 board matches. The mandatory playing time is Wednesday 8:45-9 pm CET (London +1), unless both captains agree for different time.

Here is the League’s url:

Who are willing to participate (and deal with the burden of being captain) can register writing to [email protected].

 Also single players and pairs can ask to play: Radelja will search a team for them.

WORLD InterCity League (WICL)

Since this year, also starts the first edition of World InterCity League. Nothing changes on the format, just other groups will add to ICL from different Time Zones. In this way the knock-out stage becomes Interzonal, and the matches will be played from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, in a time agreed by captains. All what needs to start World ICL are some hosts – one each extra European zone – who will help to collect interested teams and to start the League. The hosts, of course, will have from Radelja and Garrisi all the help they need (in BBO, respectively Cobrad and Turbin).


March 07, 2012

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