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Intercity League 2010: the Spring edition starts today

by Tonci Radelja, Intercity League Director

The 12th edition of Intercity League team (ICL), has ended in January with a close win of Haskovo (Bulgaria), over Galway (Ireland). The 13th edition starts today, 10th of March, but new teams can still enter before the second round (write to [email protected] or contact me on BBO where I am cobRAD).

There are three groups of eight teams; first three from groups A and B and first two from group C will make the final eight knockout stage.

Eleven teams are from Croatia and five are from other ex-Yugoslavian regions; seven of them are in group C. The quality of these teams varies from intermediate to very good; many players play in regional premier leagues, so don’t expect easy job against any of them.

Two teams are from Italy: Ascoli Piceno is the Turbin’s team, with two pairs playing the Neapolitan Club System; they have won twice the ICL title. The other is new: Borgo Petilia (Caltanissetta, Sicily); this team plays in B series in Italian Championship.

Should someone ask me to predict winners, here are my favourites:

Group A: Ascoli Piceno, Edinburgh, Wales United and Zagreb.

Group B: Haskovo, Konstanz, Skopje and Borgo Petilia.

Group C: Čačak, Cloonbo and Mali Bukovec.

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2 Replies to “Intercity League 2010: the Spring edition starts today”

  1. Tonci, haven’t you forgotten to quote some favourite in group B? Galway (Ireland), has beaten my team in the last edition semi-final, losing only -5 in the final against Haskovo.

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