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Helgemo & Helness: Appeal Court Reduces the Sentence

Last year Tor Helness and Geir Helgemo were indicted on charges of aggravated tax fraud. The Oslo District Court agreed with the tax authorities, sentencing Helness to 16 months in prison and Helgemo to 14 months.

The case was appealed and the sentences were reduced to eight and six months respectively.

The Court of Appeal found that the tax evasion was less egregious than originally stated.  More, the final amount was in recognition due to the full cooperation of the defendants with the Ministry of Finance and the legal authorities.

Discussions between the players and the authorities led to determine which years were under scrutiny. Eventually the parties agreed on the amount of bridge revenue that had not been declared for taxation. The parties also agreed that the defendants throughout the period in question were resident in Norway for tax purposes.

In addition to their prison sentences, Helgemo and Helness were each sentenced to pay a fee of 200,000 and 250,000 NOK respectively.

Yesterday the news was posted by the Norwegian magazine Kapital.

Kapital asked Helness-Helgemo joint defender Terje Fiskerstrand to make a statement, but he decided not to do so and did not reveal whether they are going to appeal.


The Court of Appeal released its verdict in Oslo on November 1st, 2018.

Prosecutor: Jens Petter Fossdal

Defenders: Terje Fiskerstrand, Wikborg Rein

Judges: Hans-Petter Jahre, Kine Elisabeth Steinsvik and Kari Johanne Bjørnøy


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