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Giuseppe Failla: My candidacy for President of the Italian Federation

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In July 2011, the Italian Bridge Federation has been put under a commissioner by CONI*, because of administrative breach. The Committee lapsed because of the commissioning, and CONI committee elected a one-off manager, Marcello Marchioni, and later a substitute manager, Piero Quargliani. Elections to elect a new Federal committee will take place next summer (hypothetical date 30/6/2012). In these days Candidates are preparing their electoral programs and lists of committee members. We received the following letter from one of the candidates, Giuseppe Failla:

“Dear Neapolitan Club editorial staff, I attach to this email a draft of the electoral program I will send to all clubs affiliated to the Federation. I hope it will be published. I am available from now on to clarify and discuss any issues, and give public answers. Kind regards”.

We are happy to receive and publish all candidates’ programs, because we think this is a useful service.

Giuseppe Failla is 57, he is a civil engineer and he deals with designing and managing big road and rail infrastructure works both in Italy and abroad. Failla is quite popular in the bridge world. He is a World Life Master and he achieved many national and international results. In 1999 he won the European Championships in Malta, playing in the Open national team. He is currently responsible for the Junior department.

Here you can read his electoral program.


Engineer Giuseppe Failla

Many of you know me as a bridge player, but few know what I really do in my everyday life. I write a short and brief personal outline, in order to be clear and let everybody know my less popular side.


I am a civil engineer. I got my university degree in 1979, achieving the highest mark, and I have been a freelancer engineer since then.

In 1980 I opened an associated office, which became a limited liability company ten years later.

I currently am the manager and majority shareholder of two engineering companies, specialized in planning and dealing with big road and rail infrastructures, that work both in Italy and abroad.

In my companies I had up to 30 employees, and I gained a lot of experience in leading them with a special attention to Quality.

In particular, I have acquired great experience in applying the DPR 163/2006 which, amongst other things, concerns public services and supplies contracts.

I attended a course to become a sport executive, run by CONI* in the Catania province.

Bridge CV

I started playing in 1969.

I have been president of Sport Association Bridge Catania from 1992 to 1996 and from 2006 to 2009. As president, I have been awarded the Federation gold badge for improving the number of members of the association during the year 1994.

As a professional player, I became a member of the national team in 1991. With the national team I won the Open European Championships in Malta 1999.

I won the Open Pairs Italian Championships in 1990 and 2001. I have achieved numerous other results both nationally and internationally.

I am presently in charge of the Federation Junior department.

Draft of Federation program for 2013/2016

  1. Cost-cutting

We will try to save money by cutting wastes. Expenses are too high right now and this negatively affects players.

  1. Transparency

The Federation should let all members know every three months how money is spent.

  1. Promoting bridge clubs

Clubs should be encouraged to join the Federation, by helping them introducing new technologies (bridge-mates, duplimates, and such).

  1. New members

All ways to encourage more people to play bridge should be promoted. For instance, young players should be followed by a special body of teachers.

  1. Tournament flat rate

Players should pay for each tournament in which they play. We will strive to reduce costs for members.

  1. Championships reconfiguration

There should be more national Championships, to encourage more people to play. The best way would be to play qualification rounds for every Championship.

  1. Relationship with CONI*

The relationship with CONI should be developed, in order to better understand each other. In particular it would be best to have a list of professional players, so that CONI could distinguish them from amateurs.

  1. National teams

I suggest creating an Under 35 Italian National team, in order to ensure generational continuity and avoid the lack of good players we experienced between the late 70′ and 1995.

  1. Sport justice

Small infractions should be dealt with locally, in order to ensure that fines are assigned quickly. The national court should be used for more serious breaches, such as cheating.

  1. Support to clubs

Successful clubs should be encouraged with discounts.

  1. Revision of constitution

The constitution should be revised by a committee of experts. In particular the electoral system should be improved.

Giuseppe Failla

Rodolfo Cerreto
Carlo Carpentieri
Francesco Ferlazzo Natoli
Nino Masucci
Ennio Nardullo


*Note: CONI is the Italian National Olympic Committee. This is the body that takes care of all sport activities in Italy. The Italian Bridge Federation, like all other sports associations, is a member of CONI.


English editon by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club

March 22, 2012

Download electoral program’s  full text >>


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