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Frances Hinden wins the 2015 Schapiro Spring Foursomes

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Frances Hinden & Graham  Osborne vs Vitas Vainikonis & Wojtek Olanski 02

Frances Hinden’s Team, with Jeffrey Allerton, Jon Cooke and Graham Osborne, won the 2015 Schapiro Spring Foursomes keeping undefeated. Let us start the story at the point where we were yesterday. In the round six Hinden beat Allfrey, remaining from then on far the sole undefeated team. Meanwhile in the pool of once-defeated teams (remember that in the double elimination format only twice defeated teams are dropped) Penfold defeated Gillis 62-16, De Botton 76-57 on Denning, Robertson 83-22 on Hackett, Mossop 73-55 on Kent and Vitas 73-65 on Green. Note that the Hackett Team is daddy Paul’s, whereas Jason & Justin twins played in Mossop’s.

The six once-defeated teams played the quarter-final whereas Frances Hinden, already in semi-final, waited sharpening her nails.

In quarter-final Allfrey defeated Penfold 72-48, Mossop 56-48 on De Botton and Vitas 94-60 on Robertson.

In semi-final Hinden defeated Mossop 84-77 and Vitas Vainikonis, with Lotan Fisher, Waseem Naqvi, Wojtek Olanski, Dror Padon and Ron Schwartz, avenged on Allfrey; it had been just Allfrey who made them once defeated at round four.

In final, Hinden, being still undefeated, had the advantage to being able to play eight extra boards, but she needn’t; the match was closed at 32nd on the result 55-51.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

(Picture is courtesy of Gordon Rainsford – EBU)

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