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Five Queens for Ostenda’s throne – Elena Mihova

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Ostenda European Women Championship 2010. Neapolitan Club has interviewed five women: Catherine D’Ovidio  (France), Sabine Auken  (Germany), Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez  (Spain), Gabriella Olivieri  (Italy), Elena Mihova (Bulgaria).One question per one player, five questions. All the players had to answer their own question; four of five have answered the others’ too. We’ll publish the individual questions in five days, each dedicated to one player. In the sixth day, the five champions shall answer a collective question.

Elena Mihova and Miriana Mitovska come from Bulgaria as Spartacus, the Thrax that shook the Roman Empire. They play Precision, the system developed by Charles C. Wei and Alan Truscott that, in 1969, shook Belladonna and Garozzo.

We ask: Elena, defending suit contracts your priority is Count first, then Suit Preference; there are not Attitude signals, or are by very low priority. Please, explain advantages and negative aspects of this method.

Elena Mihova replies:

The exact style of carding is not of great importance. Of greater importance is decoding these signals and harmonizing the style of the partnership. The main advantage of the carding we use is that it’s easy to deduce declarer’s distribution. Of course, it’s good to know where the honours are but one can infer that from declarer’s play and from partner’s discards.

About this, the others say:

Catherine D’Ovidio: We play the same defence and we don’t have any problem about it.

Knowing declarer’s shape is for me the most important then you just have to think which honours you need in partner’s hand to beat the contract!

Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez: I like attitude in suit and count in nt.

Gabriella Olivieri: We play two way lead: on King’s lead we show the Count; on other honour’s lead we show Attitude or, with low priority, the Suit Preference. We try to show the count only when it could be useful. In this way, the declarer hasn’t an easy coming in view of our distribution.

Sabine Auken (Germany): No comment.

The Bulgarian Team: Elena Mihova, Miriana Mitovska, Boriana Pancheva, Ralitza Mircheva, Valya Yaneva, Anna Lekova-Kovacheva.


June 6, 2010

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