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“European Open” Poznan 2011: Women Teams

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 The European Open Bridge Championship is a transnational event held every two years. There are eight competitions: mixed, women, senior and open, for pairs and teams. The pairs play three sessions: qualification, semi-finals and final; the teams will play a round robin phase (in groups), that has to select thirty-two of them (or sixteen, according to the number of participants), to knockout phase. The Poznan edition is the fifth: the preceding were Mentone, Tenerife, Antalya, Sanremo.

The registrations are formally closed, but there’s still the possibility to be accepted if aren’t technical problems, as to make odd an even group, for example. See in the program how to do it:

The event is hosted in the Poznan International Fair Centre, next to railway station.

Despite the name – European – this is a world event: there are not nationality restriction for players, nor for pairs, nor for teams. For example, Swenor has Norwegian and Swedish players: Kathrine Bertheau, Jessica Larsson, Catarina Midskog, Siv Thoresen. Well, we have to acknowledge that a Norway-Sweden team isn’t exactly a “melting pot”; we quoted them more because are strong.

Farther nationalities, German and US, are in the Team of Geeske Joel, with Janice Seamon-Molson, Sabine Auken, Tobi Sokolow, Jillian Meyers, Jill Levin; there are many Venice Cups inside them.

Despite the missing of Sabine Auken, snapped up by Americans, the German Ladies look by no means weak: Annaig Della Monta, Barbara Hackett, Beate Nehmert (called Pony), Cristina Giampietro; the last, of Italian origins, is very young.

An Italian team won in 2003 at Mentone, and three of them, in bold letters, are again here, in team Italia: Gianna Arrigoni, Gabriella Olivieri, Simonetta Paoluzi, Cristina Golin, Caterina Ferlazzo, Gabriella Manara.

In Sanremo, two years ago, another Italian team won: the GBC Milano, with Gloria Colombo Brugnoni, Mietta Preve, Luigina Gentili, Annalisa Rosetta, Marilina Vanuzzi, Maddalena Severgnini. The last has been replaced in Poznam by Angela Dossena.

The Italia-San Marino Team hasn’t yet won: Maria Cristina Perlini, Lea M. Stacchini, Maurizia Ritiani, Antonia Pecci.

Benedicte Cronier, Sylvie Willard, Catherine D’Ovidio, and Veronique Bessis are four sixths of the French team who the past year won European Open Championship in Ostend. They are here as well.

There – in Ostend – were runner up Carla Arnolds, Bep Vriend, Jet Pasman, Anneke Simons, Laura Dekkers, Marion Michielsen, but in Antalya the same Netherlanders won the 2007 edition (without Laura Dekkers, and with Meike Wortel).

Add that the French ladies won 2005’s Tenerife edition, add many Polish team (we are in Poland, after all), and it is clear that this event has strength not less to a World Championship – but there are not Chinese teams between Women so far).

Last: the programme allows to play all the eight tourneys, with good discounts for multiple entries – well, only six if, unluckily, you’re under sixty yo.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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