Elinescu-Wladow Affaire: DBV Statement

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Today the German Federation (DBV -Deutscher Bridge Verband) has released a short statement about the Elinescu-Wladow Affaire:

“The verdict of the Court of Cologne, related to the hearing held on 24th January 2017, was announced on 28th March 2017.

The DBV has not received the written verdict yet.

Therefore, the DBV does not believe it is appropriate to comment on a local newspaper’s report. As soon as the DBV receives the written verdict from the courts it will analise it and promptly issue a public statement.”

Of course the DBV statement refers to the article by Mick Schulz posted on the “Kölnische Rundschau” on 30th March 2017.


Elinescu-Wladow Affaire »



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