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Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd June 2012 – book the date for the World Wide Bridge ContestThis is the time of year when I ask for your help … to publicise the World Wide Bridge Contest and help us get even more clubs to enter! It is such a fun event … held on Friday 1th & Saturday2nd June, with clubs being able to play on either, or both, days as they are different hands. Eric Kokish writes a very entertaining commentary. Once the results are sent in by the club they can be viewed at within about 3 minutes. As the event is scored across the whole field, players can have the fun of watching the scores change as new sets of results are posted by clubs across the world. 

WBF Master Points are awarded for the leading positions on the overall ranking. 

The players really enjoy it, and the wider the spread of participating clubs the more fun it is, so please – if you can write about it, or tell your local clubs about it so that they can contact me in order to participate – all they need to do is email me and tell me their club name and which country they are in and I can send them more details.

If you want to see last year’s excellent commentaries, please to go to the right page on the website where you can download them – in fact there are a number of them there, going back several years! Worth a read, I can assure you, Eric’s writing is so good.

As you know, the World Bridge Federation is committed to the promotion of Youth Bridge, which we strongly believe represents the future of our wonderful sport. Because of this, it has been decided that any profits made from this event will be used specifically to assist the development of Youth Bridge. We are planning other events to raise funds for our Youth Projects which will include better teaching aids for countries trying to encourage young players, assistance for youngsters to attend World Championships and other initiatives to encourage young people to learn bridge. We hope that you will appreciate this and will help us by promoting the Contest and encouraging participation.
Please please help us promote this event!

Best wishes

Anna Gudge


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March 30, 2012

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