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EBU Chairman: “Heads will roll”

Ian Payn, Chairman of English British Union (EBU) posted an interesting statement about online cheating:

“Unfortunately, it’s difficult to discuss online bridge without touching on cheating, as I have done before. You would not believe how many cases are currently at some stage of proceedings under the auspices of the L & E (Laws and Ethics) and the various subsets thereof. Our teams of volunteers and staff at Aylesbury are stretched beyond capacity, but we will prevail. At the forthcoming AGM there are some bye-law changes in the offing, which should allow the process to be speeded up. I won’t go into detail because as a matter of courtesy the Shareholders (who get to vote) are entitled to hear about these proposed changes first, which they will when the AGM papers go out shortly. Rest assured, by the way, we are not planning to trample on the rights of individuals. Disciplinary Hearings aren’t kangaroo courts – they’re there to get at the truth, and all panellists know they have a responsibility not just to ensure that the guilty are punished, but also a responsibility to ensure that the innocent aren’t. This is probably as good a place as any to thank Geoff Smith and Sally Bugden for their work over the last few months in making sure Disciplinary Panels have firm and consistent procedures, and that they have sentencing guidelines to…er…guide them. My thanks also go out to all the volunteers who are doing the work, putting cases together, prosecuting them and hearing them. There are an awful lot of people going at it hammer and tongs to ensure that the game is cleaned up. Heads will roll, and although I bear no personal animus to anyone who has cheated, they have to be brought to book, and to do their time.”

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source: EBU


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